The talisman cannot accomplish your desires by itself. It can encourage and help you to achieve your own desires only if you make the effort. Of course, the desire must be real and accessible. You cannot expect to win a lottery if you do not pay the ticket.

Why have and how does it work?

Talismans can help in all areas of your life but it doesn’t help if you are not sure. You create your own luck.

Every thought is a vibration like the vibrations that surround us. Talisman, which was created for a purpose, works as a vibration frequency of wants and needs that enhances the attractive force towards the desired goal.

Depressed people attract sorrow and grief, happy people attract good fortune as a pure example of the law of cause and effect.Should we have a talisman? If you have the desire, then the answer is yes.

On our talismans are the names of Gods and ideals in Hebrew because it’s a numerical code which works through the talisman.

Despite from fulfilling the desire talismans can serve as a defense, whether it is a physical attack or the effect of a place or something else.

A psychical attack can be manifested by nightmares, insomnia, anxiety, fear of sleep, irrational and unreasonable fear, depression, fatigue, anxiety … etc.

There are several kinds of magical attacks, and people are mostly familiar only with the so-called Curses. The attacks are, with these curses, nagazi, energy-charged spaces and common psychological attacks. Nagazi is not directed precisely to a specific person / victim but to all who “bumps”. Spaces do not need to be ‘bewitched’ but because of the demonstrated power of an event, can have a negative energy.