Pagan Prayers

To The Unknown God


O RULER! Lord of the universe,

Whether thou art male,

Whether thou art female,

Lord of reproduction

Wherever thou mayest be!

O Lord of divination

Where art thou?

Thou mayest be above,

Thou mayest be below,

Or perhaps around

Thy splendid throne and sceptre.

O hear me!

From the sky above,

In which thou mayest be,

From the sea beneath

In which thou mayest be.

Creator of the world,

Maker of all men;

Lord of all Lords

My eyes fail me for longing to see thee

For the sole desire to know thee.

O look down upon me

For thou knowest me.

The sun–the moon–

The day–the night–


Are not ordained in vain

By thee, O Deity!

They all travel

To the assigned place;

They all arrive

At their destined ends

Whithersoever thou pleasest.

Thy royal sceptre

Thou holdest.

O hear me!

O choose me!

Let it not be

That I should tire,

That I should die!