An efficient ritual that works if both partners still have an affinity for each other.
The ritual is performed during the rising moon during the night.
Necessary props: A photo of you and your partner, one red candle, one bowl of water. White thread.
Before the ritual, make sure to be relaxed without regret, hatred or any other negative emotions.
Make yourself comfortable and start your magic with willpower. Prepare a bowl of water and consciously meditate on the water, incorporate all your wishes and beautiful memories you had with your partner into the water. If something bothers you, try again with new water. After meditation, light a candle. Take the pictures and tie them with white thread. Submerge them in water. Extinguish the candle in the water. After the photos have melted in the water, take them out and keep them as your amulet.

A powerful ritual that is maximally simplified, You force the element of water to amplify your desire.
Be careful all consequences fall only on you! We exempt ourselves from any karmic responsibility.

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