These Terms of Sale of Goods define the rights and obligations of the Seller ( – online store Magic Expression) and the Buyer in the purchase / sale of goods in the entire process of ordering, payment, shipping, delivery, and possible returns and complaints of goods or termination for goods purchased through the Magic Expression online store –

The seller is: which operates under the online store Magic Expression at the web address

The buyer of goods is a visitor to the web shop who selects at least one product, puts it in the cart, pays by e-banking or direct bank transfer. You can become a buyer if you are an adult, over the age of 18, and if you accept our terms of purchase listed here, which are available immediately before the end of the purchase.

Ordering goods is exclusively via an electronic form after confirmation of “Buy” in the shopping cart. The goods will be considered ordered when the customer selects the goods and confirms the method of payment provided through the online store Magic Expression.

Prices shown in the online store are retail prices and are expressed in dollars. Prices, payment terms and special offers are valid only at the time of ordering and / or payment and are subject to change without notice!

Images and descriptions of individual products are obtained from manufacturers / suppliers or downloaded from the Internet and are not necessarily identical. Employees of the Magic Expression online store try to state the characteristics of the product as accurately as possible. We reserve the right to make errors in product descriptions and images.

The customer can pay for the ordered products and services in one of the following ways:

  • Internet banking
  • Crypto Currency Checkout

After the order has been filled in correctly, the seller delivers the order confirmation to the buyer to the e-mail address defined by the buyer during registration.

In the case of personal collection of goods, the ordered products cannot be picked up immediately after payment, but the usual delivery times apply. The buyer receives additional notification by e-mail that his goods are ready for collection.

In case the buyer intends to pay for the goods by e-banking, the payment deadline is 48 hours. After this deadline, the seller cannot guarantee the condition of the warehouse and the availability of the ordered items. Order processing starts from the moment the payment is visible on our account. If the payment was made after the deadline and the goods are available, the delivery procedure is initiated. If the goods are not available, the refund of overpaid funds (increased by legal interest at the interest rate of the commercial bank with which it maintains a transaction account) is approached within a maximum of 30 days from the date of payment.

The cost of delivery of goods is paid by the Buyer according to the valid delivery price list published on the Internet offer of the online store Magic Expression or engaged carrier. The Seller will deliver the goods to the Buyer in accordance with the confirmed order given to the Buyer by e-mail. The buyer becomes the owner of the goods after he has made full payment for the goods and delivery costs.

If the Buyer has not taken over the sent goods without a justified reason and it is returned to the Seller, the Seller reserves the right to additionally charge the real costs of failed delivery.

In addition to the ordered goods, the Seller submits to the Buyer a warranty card from the manufacturer or importer, which guarantees the proper functioning of the device if used in accordance with the instructions and characteristics of the device and the period within which it ensures servicing and sale of spare parts. The invoice or certified guarantee certificate (if it is possible to certify it given that certain products have warranty conditions in the original sealed packaging) are the only documents with which the warranty conditions can be met.

The buyer has the right to return the goods in the following cases:

  • delivery of goods not ordered
  • delivery of goods that have a defect or damage that did not occur during transport
  • other cases in accordance with the legal framework

The buyer can replace the purchased product within 7 (seven) days of receipt at the delivery address. The Magic Expression online store undertakes to replace the advertised product with the same or a product with similar characteristics of the same price and quality class within 30 days of receiving the request. The buyer is obliged to deliver the advertised product in undamaged original packaging, with all attached parts. Products with visible damage, products that the customer has tried to repair or modify, products that have been damaged due to improper connection or improper use, electric shock and products without the original packaging cannot be replaced.

The seller will approve the return of the goods to the buyer after a justified complaint received exclusively in writing via e-mail address In case of impossibility of delivery of other goods, the seller will reimburse the buyer for his postal costs of returning the goods. In the case of return of goods not incurred by the seller’s omission, the buyer bears all handling costs incurred.
The buyer may cancel the contract without stating the reason within fourteen (14) working days. The period of cancellation of the contract starts from the day when the customer received the product. The buyer must notify the trader of the cancellation of the contract in writing to The contract is considered terminated when the seller receives written notice. In case of cancellation of the contract, the buyer is obliged to return the product to the seller at his own expense within 7 days of cancellation of the contract. The product (s) you are returning must be complete, in original and undamaged packaging with all associated undamaged parts, accessories and documentation. Used products cannot be returned.


  • any contract concluded by means of remote communication to which the rules contained in the law apply may be terminated by the consumer, without giving a reason, within fourteen days,
  • in the case of concluding a contract of sale, the period begins to run from the day when the consumer or a third party designated by the consumer, other than the carrier, the goods which are the subject of the contract handed over
  • if the consumer ordered several pieces of goods to be delivered separately in one order, or if the goods are delivered in several pieces or more shipments, the deadline starts from the day when the consumer or a third party designated by the consumer and not carrier, handed over the last piece or last shipment of goods

The Seller undertakes to return to the buyer the full amount of funds paid (increased by legal interest at the interest rate of the commercial bank with which it maintains a transaction account) within fourteen (14) working days upon receipt of written notice of termination.

In case of disagreement, the Seller and the Buyer will primarily try to resolve the problem by mutual agreement, and if this is not possible, the jurisdiction of the court in Zagreb is determined.

By purchasing the product, the buyer accepts the terms of sale!