Many stories have evolved concerning the origins both in time and place of these ancient symbols. Some boldly claim that the Tarot was created simultaneous with the creation of the Universe. Others have maintained that the priests of Serapis in Alexandria Egypt synthesized their knowledge and mysteries in a picture book. This they used to overcome the language barrier that frustrated the many foreign students who came to them for initiation and instruction.


By tradition the Tarot is the picture Book Of Thoth, the Egyptian God of wisdom who taught mankind language and writing. The Greeks worshipped Thoth as Hermes,’ the messenger of the Gods and to this day the Tarot and the related branches of Western mysticism are referred to as the “Hermetic Sciences.” The Romans, in turn, transformed Hermes into the swiftfooted, trickster Mercury, the messenger of the Gods.
The most colorful theories of the origin of the Tarot cannot be substantiated but there are two points most modern Tarot authorities agree upon:

  • The Tarot cards were introduced into Europe in the Middle Ages possibly by returning Crusaders, or the mysterious Knights Templar.
  • There seems to be a direct relationship with the branch of Hebrew mysticism known as Qabalah. The details and the practical application of this relationship was, until the 19th century, transmitted orally and protected from the profane by oaths of strictest secrecy.

But regardless of what is true about the origin of the Tarots symbols, the fact remains that they are powerful psychic stimulants that if used properly awaken the psyche.

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