Exclusively Handmade Products

Why We Use it?


How To Make

Do you have a wish that must be realistic and feasible, or accessible. In correspodence tables look at what elements correspond with your wish and with determining acceptable time (month, planetary day and hour), you can create your talisman.

Why Talismans?

Talisman is an object that resembles something and thus evokes the same. The difference between a talisman and amulets is that the amulets have passive power for protection while talismans have active power for the achievement of a goal or goals.

Genuine Manufacture

Our products are exclusively handmade from natural materials at the time of the rising moon. Talismans are handmade of ceramic and hand-painted using traditional occult philosophy. They are made from clay and baked in the clay oven.

Why We Use It?

The talisman cannot accomplish your desires by itself. It can encourage and help you to achieve your own desires only if you make the effort. Of course, the desire must be real and accessible. You cannot expect to win a lottery if you do not pay the ticket.