The most important aid in ritual magic is, and always will be, the magic wand. Since the days of yore magicians and sorcerers have been pictured with a magic wand. Charlatans and stage illusionists are still making use of it today, trying to throw dust into the eyes of their audience by all sorts of tricks. The person who thinks it suffices to hold a magic wand in his hand in order to fulfil wonders is led astray. I will give here an explanation of the symbolic meaning and the description of the syntheses of the magic wand, seen from the magical point of view theoretically as well as for practical application.

Above all, the magic wand is the symbol of the will, the power and the strength by which the magician maintains his influence on the sphere for which he has made and charged it. A magician will not have just one wand for his practice, but he will make several wands depending on what he intends to do or attain. The actual purpose of a magic wand is to help the magician project his will into any sphere or plane. He may have a wand

1. to influence any being, no matter if human or animal,

2. to cure people from diseases and to do away with bad, unfavourable influences,

3. to evoke high intelligences and to invoke demons and spirits. To say that the magic wand symbolizes the absolute power of the magician is truly justified. The person having fully comprehended the mystery of the magic wand in its magnitude will never do his operations of ritual magic without this