A magic triangle is, contrary to the magic circle, which symbolizes infinity, endlessness, the connection with God, the Alpha and the Omega, the symbol of manifestation, of everything that is made, of everything that has ever been created. Without the knowledge of the symbolism of the magic triangle and of all other magic aids, ritual and ceremonial work would not be possible. All grimoires or rites of exorcism generally require that the magician who is working with a magic triangle sees that the invoked spirit, the being and power, is manifested. The manifestation of a being – a spirit – in a triangle is but one aspect of ritual magic, and no being will be fully manifested unless the magician understands the whole symbolism of the magic triangle. To get the right idea of this symbolism one must, to some extent, be acquainted with the Quabbalah and must have a complete knowledge of the secret of the number three. The more one knows about the analogy of the mystical number three, the deeper one will be able to penetrate into the symbolism of the triangle one draws and the easier it will be for a being to manifest itself.

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