Do you have a wish that must be realistic and feasible, or accessible. In correspodence tables look at what elements correspond with your wish and with determining acceptable time (month growth, planetary day and hour), you can create your talisman. When making a talisman, it should be consecrated through some already published methods of sanctification or themselves, through your own system of sanctification prayer.

A short guide to making talismans!

For example attract love into your life. The concept of love is under the jurisdiction of the sphere Netzach and Venus. The color is green, and the day Friday. Angel Anael, Hagiel intelligence, spirit Kedemel, metal copper. Put onto the talisman (the object that will carry the energy of these symbols). a wish and the sigils of Venus, Venus intelligence, angels and spirit of Venus.

Other correspondence can be seen here!

In the day and hour of Venus and when the moon is in the elevation or is full, surround yourself with objects that correspond with Venus (“Venus ‘belong’), and consecrate the talisman with your hands above him, visualizing how you attract love, luck and happiness.

The Talisman is carried with you, but it cannot be seen or touched.