Bioenergy medicine includes a number of different therapeutic interventions where a therapist helps to harness or manipulate a patient’s subtle energy in order to help restore the body’s balance and improve the body’s ability
to heal. These “subtle energy” therapeutic interventions have been described and used for thousands of years by systems such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Traditional Indian Medicine, and by faith healers through approaches like “laying-on-of-hands.” The most commonly used bioenergetic therapeutic interventions are Therapeutic Touch/Healing Touch, Reiki, Qigong, and the laying-onof-hands.

Using ‘hands on’ as well as ‘hands off’ techniques, our Bioenergy Therapists act as conduits to direct energy to the part of your body that needs to be healed. At the same time, they stimulate your immune system to enhance the healing process. Therapists can also direct excess energy (pain) away from a part of your body that has too much energy. Bioenergy treatments are safe, non-invasive, and painless.

Bioenergy therapy

Emotions of fear, doubt, and negativity impact our health and immune systems. It is during these times of distress that we become ill. In Bioenergy Therapy, there is no positive or negative energy. Energy just is. It is everywhere and illness indicates an imbalance in your body’s energy.

Bioenergy Therapy practitioners do not diagnose illness, disease, or any other physical or mental disorders. We do not prescribe medical treatments or pharmaceuticals, nor do we perform spinal manipulation. We function as conduits to direct energy to the part of your body that needs healing – rebalancing the natural energy inside of you.


When there is an imbalance, there is either too much or too little energy. Bioenergy healing brings your body back into balance. It reactivates the healing process and immune system in your body to enhance cellular regeneration, so that your body can heal itself.

A comprehensive treatment program normally includes:

  • Hands-on and hands-off bioenergy healing techniques,
  • Techniques to shift you into a positive frame of mind, and
  • Methods to enhance your body’s healing process and regain your energy balance.