The Almadel is a wax magical altar used to communicate with a group of angels.

Almadel is used for the four chief angels whose government extends over the four altitudes of the world, namely, East, West, North and South. It serves also for their ministers and inferiors. As, however, a different colour is attributed to the choir of each quarter, and as this colour must dye the white wax, it follows that those who would traffic with the entire hierarchy must compose four Almadels. Their labour, moreover, will not end here, for each talisman must have four candles made from the same wax and set apart thereto. Finally, there must be provided a seal of gold or silver, on which must be engraved the names HELION, HELLUJON, ADONAI. It serves for all the choirs. The candles are provided

with waxen feet, and the Almadel rests thereon, being a four-square figure measuring six inches every way. The colour for the Eastern choir is lily white; the others are red, green, and apparently a darkling green which approaches black, but only the first choir is allocated to its distinct quarter of the heaven. The names of the Intelligences are as follows:–

FIRST ALTITUDE: Alimiel, Gabriel, Borachiel, Lebes, Hellison. They make all things fruitful in creation.

SECOND ALTITUDE: Alphariza, Genon, Geron, Armon, Gereinon. They have power over goods and riches, and can make any man rich or poor. They also cause decrease and barrenness.

THIRD ALTITUDE: Eliphamasai, Gelomiros, Gedobonai, Saranana, Elomnia. Their offices are not stated.

FOURTH ALTITUDE: Barchiel, Gediel, Gebiel, Deliel, Captiel. In this case also the offices are not stated.

When an Angel of the First Altitude responds to invocation, he carries a banner emblazoned with a white cross, his body is clothed about with a luminous cloud, and he is crowned with roses. He is fair of face, and at his departure leaves a sweet perfume. An Angel of the Second Altitude has the form of a young child in rose-coloured satin, with a crown of red gillyflowers on his head. His face looks towards heaven, and shines with the light of the sun. The perfume which he leaves endures for a long time. An Angel of the Third Altitude appears in the form of a child or little woman in green and silver colours, wearing a crown of bay leaves beset with white flowers. This apparition also leaves sweet perfume. An Angel of the Fourth Altitude appears in the form of a boy or little man, in black or olive garments, crowned with ivy berries. His perfume differs from the rest, but is not less sweet: all the manifestations are beautiful, and, as it is said that they must not be called for anything against God and His laws, it is only the too certain company in which the Almadel appears that renders its operations doubtful–I mean, in respect of their intention.

Invocation takes place on a Sunday in the day and hour of the sun. The candles are placed in the candlesticks; the Almadel rests–as we have seen–on the projecting feet of the candles, but so that there is a clear space beneath it. There is a hole in each corner, and when the intelligence is about to manifest, an earthen vessel is placed under the talisman containing hot ashes and three grains of mastic in powder. The smoke generated passes through the holes, and when it is smelt by the Angel it is said that he begins to speak.

The Ars Almadel is the fourth part of The Lesser Key of Solomon.

Edward Waite ; The Book of Black Magic and of Pacts

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