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Our products are exclusively handmade from natural materials at the time of the rising moon.

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Crystals are naturally-occurring, hardened minerals or stones which develop repeating patterns and beautiful colors after being subjected to years and years of processes under the earth’s surface.


Astrology has been studied in many ancient civilizations, its first formation cannot be related to just one place. But the western astrology that we know and use today (largely horoscopic, which answers questions, predicts events, analyzes personalities) is historically based on Babylonian astrology. At the beginning the Babylonian astrology looked like any other nations astrology. It was used to look at the sky for the signs which could influence the ruler or the occurrences on earth.

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Talismans can help in all areas of your life but it doesn’t help if you are not sure. You create your own luck. Every thought is a vibration like the vibrations that surround us. Talisman, which was created for a purpose, works as a vibration frequency of wants and needs that enhances the attractive force towards the desired goal.


Talisman is an object that resembles something and thus evokes the same. The difference between a talisman and amulets is that the amulets have passive power for protection and assistance while talismans have active power for the achievement of a goal or goals.

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