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dion fortune“We take spiritual initiation when we become conscious of the Divine within us, and thereby contact the Divine without us.Dion Fortune


paracelsus“Alterius non sit qui suus esse potest. (Let no man belong to another that can belong to himself.)”



Eliphas-Levi1"All the power of the occult healer lies in his conscious will, and all his art consists in producing faith in the patient." Eliphas Levi


bruno1The universal Intellect is the intimate, most real, peculiar and powerful part of the soul of the world. Giordano Bruno

AGLA Talisman
Agla Talisman which carries the blessing, ...
Talisman of Samael
Sammael; important angel in the ...
Talisman of Gabriel
The name Gabriel means "man of God," or "God has ...
Talisman of Water
Water represents west. In Tarot it is represented ...
Talisman of Fire
Fire represents south and is represented in Tarot ...
Talisman of Air
Air represents east and is represented in Tarot ...
Talisman of Earth
Earth represents north and is represented in ...
 4 elements
Fire, Water, Earth and Air: the 4 basic elements ...
Talisman of Venus
Attracts to the owner love and affection as well ...
Talisman of the Sun
Brings good fortune, health, life’s pleasures, ...
Talisman of Saturn
Protects the owner at night. Protects against ...
Talisman of the Moon
Ensures peace within the owner’s home. This ...
Talisman of Mercury
Brings good fortune in work and commerce, as well ...
Talisman of Mars
Protects the owner from verbal and physical ...
Talisman of Jupiter
Brings success, fame, advancement and positions ...

If yotalisman4u want something, the talisman cannot accomplish your desires by itself. It can encourage and help you to achieve your own desires only if you make the effort. Of course, the desire must be real and accessible.
Talismans can help in all areas of your life, but it doesn’t work if you are not sure. You act alone on achieving the luck you deserve.

Every thought is a vibration like the vibrations that surround us. Talisman, which was created for a purpose, works as a vibration frequency of wants and needs that enhances the attractive force towards the desired goal.

All of our talismans are handmade ​​on the basis of traditional occult philosophy based on lunar movements (moon phases), some order must wait until the talisman3time is right to create.

As much as talismans are similar, we disclaim all other manufacturers because they do not know their theoretical and practical background. Our practice and knowledge is based on the occult tradition of western esotericism.

Each of our talisman is handmade and therefore unique.
If you want a talisman to be produced exclusively for you, please contact us.